DNS Payroll

  • 1. All The details related to an Employee including his Photo is captured in the System.
  • 2. Urgent Messages can be sent to the concerned Employee(s) through SMS/Email through the System.
  • 3. Accessories given to employee tracked with Locker Allocation.
  • 4. Auto Email/SMS can be sent by system for Reminders, Training Scheduled, Mediclaim Due date, Shift Change etc.
  • 5. Salary Structure and other deductions are soft settings i.e. HR Head himself can create the Salary heads like HRA, Washing Allowance, Mobile Deductions etc.
  • 6. Online Leave Application and Leave Application Approval by HOD. This is automatically defaulted during Salary making.
  • 7. All the New Reports can be designed/Re-designed by User himself.
  • 8. Income Tax Declaration and Form 16.
  • 9. Extant HR Statutory Reports like Provident Fund, ESIC, MTR-6, Labour Welfare Fund etc. is in-built in the system. New Changes on account of Central & State Budget, updated within 24 Hours.
  • 10. Overtime Calculation.
  • 11. Yearly Bonus.
  • 12. Biometric Attendance Integration with DNS System.
  • 13. AYearly Gratuity as per extant rules.
  • 14. Reports encompass Employees from Multiple Contractors working in different locations.
  • 15. Weekly Off Auto Rotation.
  • 16. Salary can be exported to Tally or any RDBMS Software.
  • 17. Software and Payslip will have your Company Logo.
  • 18. As the Software is web based, hence can be accessed from any part of the world and at the same time has strong security inbuilt so that no unauthorized access is possible.
  • 19. Online ESIC & PF filing possible through the DNS system.
  • 20. Salary is prepared in just 20 Minutes with all taxes /deductions /areas taken into consideration irrespective of the number of employees.

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