1. GST Compliant– DNS ERP Software is fully GST compliant comprising of HSN Code, SGST, CGST, IGST and UTGST and Customer and Vendor Code linked to Intra State and Inter State transactions.

  2. Dashboard with Graphical Representation – Top Management’s e-Secretary- All you needed to know at one glance status of whole Organization whether in Office or on the move.

  3. Sales Order based Scheduling - Material Planning and Production Planning based on Schedule.

  4. Vendor Rating – Categorize Vendor into A,B & C and release warning letters.

  5. MRP – ROL-wise, ORI-wise and Multiple Work Order-wise - Helps you to reduce huge Inventory holding cost as much as 15% with the help of DNS built in Algorithm developed after years of experience from the Inventory Experts & Consultants.

  6. Barcode for FG items – Saves Despatch Department time and eliminates dispatching wrong Material or Quantity.

  7. ASN Facility – Linking with major ERP software such as SAP, Oracle, etc.

  8. Indepth Inventory Management System - Gives you 99.9% accuracy of Stock status lying in multiple locations including goods at Sub Contractor as also Customer’s material lying in our location.

  9. Stock Availability Alerts - Sends alerts for critical items when falling below Reorder Level to save last minute rush and delayed Customer delivery.

  10. Scientific Costing with Graphical Representation – Helps you to quote highly competitive at the same time be profitable too.

  11. Comprehensive QC Model - Taking care of all your ISO Documents

  12. User friendly and all compliant Payroll module - Salaries of 800+ Employees (or even more) can be generated in 5 Minutes by just click of a button !!!

  13. Auto Email & Auto SMS facility – Send Automatic Monthly Payable Report to your clients on the first of every month.

  14. Create unlimited Reports as per your format by yourself – This means 100% satisfaction to Users as Reports are according to your defined Formats.

  15. Multiple Alternate Bill Of Material for same item- Saving huge time in maintaining Multiple FG Items codes for slight variants of material.

  16. Comprehensive Accounts Module – GL Linkages gives no scope of making errors while making transactions. All types of taxes linked to Accounts and to Purchase and Sales transactions.

  17. Saves User errors and Duplicate work - Frequently used Data are provided as Dropdowns to choose from instead of typing. Copy Similar documents like Quotation, Purchase Order, Sales Order can be copy pasted and created as new documents within seconds.

  18. Very Strong and Robust Security - Define who can access inside Office and allow/Restrict access outside Office premises.
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