1. Pre-mapped ERP software package for manufacturing business. Multi-company groups. Different year ending (December or March).
  2. Suitable for Small & Medium size business units, which has outgrown finance-centric accounting program or legacy software with a turnover of Rs. 3 crore to Rs.300 crore. Five to Hundred users.
  3. User-friendly intuitive features such as : No cryptic codes to be remembered. Easy to use GUI interface: To make BOM master simply drag child item and drop to make BOM.
  4. Microsoft platform: Robust RDBMS back-end support for MS SQL 2000 Server database, front end is dot Net. SaaS option available for cloud computing. MS Windows 2003 Server Operating System.
  5. DNS reports easily integrate with MS Excel. User can instantly prepare Excel sheet automatically. Professional reports generated by Crystal Reports. For instance, Sales figures will be shown graphically i.e. Pie chart.
  6. Strong ERP implementation experience. DNS provides substantive training and hand-holding.
  7. DNS ERP documentation : DNS ERP backed up by Proof of Concept file, which gives sample input / outputs of each module. A comprehensive DNS ERP Reference Manual documenting business processes.
  8. Security module for multi-user environment to allow or deny a given menu or sub-menu to a user. Individual access rights controls who will see what information.
  9. Robust subcontractor OUT module material given out to Third Party. With auto-work order and auto-production features to ensure correct consumption of Raw material at the third party location; linked to BOM.
  10. Well-built business logic for the subcontractor IN module where material is received from the customer. Labour bills for processing charges.
  11. Project wise monitoring of order linked to pre-sale costing and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) to calculate shortage quantity. Instant information about stock position for any location for ATP (Available to Promise).
  12. Multiple inventory locations to keep track of inventory such as Material under inspection, Stores, Shop floor, FG Stores, scrap, rejection, multiple factories, etc.
  13. Automatic tracking of batch number / lot number / serial number for precise inventory monitoring. Expiry date (if applicable). Tracking item / components by serial number or finding history instantly for a given number.
  14. DNS uniquely integrates Excise, VAT with account books, and inventory books effortlessly. For instance, 4/5A (formerly 57 F4) Challan or preparing automatically RG 23 register, or DSA Register, etc.
  15. Multi-company structure. Multiple Trial Balance and inventory control for individual entity as well as consolidated Trial Balance. Auto JV feature ensures proper ledger updating. Financial reporting with drill down facility up to the basic transaction. Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) integrated with General Ledger.
  16. ISO 9000 documentation / tight integration with Quality control process at various levels.
  17. DNS ERP is suitable for FMCG companies as well. Multiple M. R. P. (maximum retail price) matrixes prepared for each SKU for various states in India. Price List matrix linked to the MRP matrix to arrive at the selling price individually for each item. Special discounts for specific festival in a given state in India. Completely integrated with VAT / Sales Tax requirements. Stock Transfer Invoice for goods transferred from factory to own depot / CFA / branch locations. State wise, city wise, item wise sales analysis gives effective MIS for supply chain management.
  18. Seamless integration: